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Leading to Success: How to Realize Your Vision by Finding the Right People and Showing Them the Right Way to Do the Right Thing,

by Steven H. Kosnick with Dale Burg

Carlin Publishing, 2016


Do I Need It? (And What If I Do?)

Answers to All Your Questions About Plastic Surgery


by Francesca Camp, Ph.D., with Dale Burg

Archway Publishing, 2014


Rule the Room


by Jason Tetak with Dale Burg

Morgan James Publishing, 2014


Reclaim Your Nest Egg


by Ken Kamen with Dale Burg

Bloomberg Press (an imprint of Wiley), 2010

A Library Journal Best Business Book of 2010

Category: Investing/Personal Finance


Get Down to Business and You'll Get the Job

(career advice)

by Kimberly Bishop with Dale Burg

Gemma Publishing, 2010


Now that the Honeymoon's Over, Who's Going to Make the Bed?

(household management)

by Mary Ellen Pinkham.

Pinkham Press, 2006


So You're Expecting to be a Grandparent!

(grandparenting advice)

by Mary Ellen Pinkham with Dale Burg

Pinkham Press, 2006


Mary Ellen's Guide to Good Enough Housekeeping


by Mary Ellen Pinkham with Dale Burg

St. Martin's, 2002




by Dale Burg

Red Rock Press, 2001

One of a series on The Seven Deadly Sins.


The Second Time Around

(relationship/remarriage advice)

by Susan Kelley and Dale Burg

William Morrow, 2000


The Geek Squad Guide to Solving Every Computer Glitch

(computer repair)

by Robert Stephens with Dale Burg

Simon & Schuster, 1999


The Money Club: A Financial Primer

(personal finance)

by Marilyn Crockett and Diane Terman Felenstein with Dale Burg

Simon & Schuster, 1996, paperback, 1997 .

A NY Times Business Best Seller.


How to Mom (humor, parenting advice)

by Carole Boswell, Ron Barrett and Dale Burg

Dell, 1995


The Complete Home Reference Book

(homemaking encyclopedia)

by Mary Ellen Pinkham with Dale Burg

Crown, 1993, paperback, 1994;


Wow! Ideas That Really Work

(household management)

by Mary Ellen Pinkham with Dale Burg

Mary Ellen Home Care Publishing, 1991


How to be a Prettier, Heathier You

(beauty, fitness)

by Mary Ellen Pinkham

Doubleday, 1984


Heard It on the Playground

(parenting advice)

Editor, with others

HarperCollins, 1993


"What's Stopped Happening to Me?"

(women's health)

by Dale Burg and Mary Jane Minken

Lyle Stuart, l990, paperback, 1993


How to Stop the One You Love from Drinking

(addiction advice)

by Mary Ellen Pinkham with Dale Burg

Putnam, 1986

A Book of the Month Club featured alternate.


Mary Ellen's Help Yourself Diet Plan (diet)

Mary Ellen's Diet Diary

(beauty, fitness)(diet)

by Mary Ellen Pinkham

St. Martin's, l982; paperback, l983,

A NY Times Best Seller (4 months) and Book of the Month Club featured alternate.


The Great Carmen Miranda Look-Alike Contest


by Abby Hirsch with Dale Burg

St. Martin's, l976


Other collaborations (uncredited):

Child care book: Pinkham Publishing, 2006

Cleaning encyclopedia: Consumer Reports, 2001

Celebrity cookbook/memoir); Random House, l999

Diet; Rodale 2000 (national best seller)

David Monn's Wedding Planner, John Boswell Associates, 1996

The Starch Blocker Diet ; national best-seller ME & Company, 1982