Dale Burg


• CBS Special Projects, parade specials from 1990-2000
New York Thanksgiving Day Parade commentary
Toronto/​Detroit segments

Fiesta Bowl Parade (Arizona) - parade commentary

Venus,half-hour sitcom pilot, with David Susskind Productions,
commissioned by NBC

• Comedy writing instructor, NYU, 1979-1981

• Director, Television Writing Workshop, Columbia Pictures Industries, 1980-81


Honeymoon Hotel,one-hour movie of the week, with David Susskind Productions, commissioned by CBS

Fat Chance, theatrical release from Impala Films, released on tape by Screen Gems


"One of 2010's best financial books. "–Library Journal . "Kamen's penchant for colloquialisms makes for some lively reading (his co-author Dale Burg may also deserve some credit here) -Barrons
Selected Works
"Humorous. Burg convincingly shows why the best is always worth the wait."
--Publisher's Weekly

Sloth draws upon the wit and wisdom of an intelligent and congenial writer whose wry advice is only half in jest.”
--Midwest Review
How to buy smart, clean fast, and run a home without running out of steam.

“Mary Ellen’s wry brand of humor…With a bit of everything and a-jane-of-all trades approach, this book won’t let you down."
--The Women Source Catalog and Review